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Prove Your Humanity

July 15 – Christian: Use Your Talents For God

The people of the tribe of Asher (out of the twelve tribes of Israel) received a special honor in the Bible for utilizing their personal abilities to serve God. Men of Asher were applauded for their exceptional capabilities and contributions. The Bible reported about them, “All these were the children of Asher, heads of their fathers’ houses, choice men, mighty men of valor, chief leaders. And they were recorded by genealogies among the army fit for battle; their number was twenty-six thousand” (1 Chronicles 7:40).   Lesson: God has invested some special abilities into every believer’s life; we all have the mandate to make the best of those resources to benefit God’s kingdom. Any Christian who invests his or her resources to benefit God’s kingdom will prosper in this life and in heaven also.   Every Christian must understand that he or she has the mandate to benefit the kingdom of God. No one should allow Satan to manipulate him or her to inappropriately use a skill to populate the hell!   No Christian should claim that he or she does not have anything to contribute to the kingdom of God. We all have something to contribute that can bless others and also benefit God’s kingdom. It is up to each believer to evaluate how his (or her) skillset and determine how it can be adapted for God’s use.   Everyone has something to contribute to the kingdom of God. An effort can be made by engaging in a personal…

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James Taiwo

July 15, 2018

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