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Should Emotion Drive Your Praises?

Emotion or Real Praises?

The last time you attempted to praise God, did you do it out of emotion, or you did it out of reasoning? You don’t have to respond loudly, but you were likely got caught up with emotion and based your praises on it.

We all have the tendency to allow our emotions to dictate how well and how far we can go with our worship to God. Is that what God really wants? Does he really appreciate the fact that we let our feelings run the show (of praising his name)?  

Emotion: Good or bad?

Emotion has its place. It can be a good thing if we use it properly. In fact, emotion is a normal human characteristic. God put it there for our benefits. Despise its good uses; emotion can do more harm than good. So, children of God must take note of this and be overly sensitive about its use.

Don’t Let Feelings Ruin Your Praises

Emotion torso can influence our worship. The rule of thumb is that someone who excessively focuses on his feelings about a thing has the likelihood of becoming less subjugated of normal reasoning. He has the chance to either suppress or ignore common sense intuition.

In other words, a person with an uncontrollable emotional drive is prone to making a mistake. Under the same rule, consider that your worship effort to God may not be at its top-notch when emotion is the main driving factor.

Any praise exercise expected to score a higher grade with God must come from inductive reasoning. It must be thought-out well and be presented to God well.  

Provide Actionable Praise To God

Don’t just “feel like praising God.” Get a reason for your action; make it a good one!

If you allow your emotion to call the shot, you won’t give your best praises to God!

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Imagine: If you’re trapped in a feel-it-make-it syndrome, what happens when you don’t feel like praising God?

As a child of God, you’re equipped to praise God, and you’re required to praise God at all times. Period!

Praising God is not about feelings! Praising God is A-must!! Not A-choice!!! feeling

Emotion Blindfolds Thorough Worship

Emotion can make you think less of God’s goodness in your life and (at the same time) make you unnecessarily focus on your present challenge. In a simple language,

You’re likely going to become an ungrateful person if emotion turns on/off your worship clock. 

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Don’t praise God out of emotion; praise him out of reasoning. Praise God at all times! Your feeling of the moment can be deceptive; it may not adequately represent everything that God has in stock for you.

The habit of overly paying attention to how you presently feel about a thing can put you in a blind-spot and block your view of any new blessing en-route.

Feel, Fact, or Faith?

As a child of God, which of these options should motivate you to praise God: Feeling, fact, or faith? Choose Faith! fact

Avoid Roller Coaster Emotion!

Emotion comes and goes, but God’s faithfulness over your life will always remain. Ensure to trust God, no matter what! (Do not get carried away with the feelings of the moment; that’s not all that God has for you!)

The adrenal rush (human feeling) has nothing to do with God’s power that controls your life.

Also, “feeling” has nothing to do with many great things that God will still do in your life. Don’t let your emotions undermine your worship. God is good at all times; his promises on your life stand sure – regardless of how you presently feel!

The Bible states, “We are not moved by what we see, but we are moved by the word of God!” (2 corinthians 5:7).

If nothing at all, consider these three important factors as your take-home lessons:

  1. You are fortunate to be a child of God.
  2. Emotion comes and goes, but God will remain faithful to you.
  3. Praises has no substitute – You owe God!


On a final note:

Feeling or no feeling, you (a child of God) should praise God at all times. Conclude that you have not praised God enough for all his goodness in your life. Give God your best praises now; await many great blessings that will follow after!

May God bless you!

James Taiwo.  


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