Muslim extremism: Why David Cameron’s views are dangerously naive

Jun 19

Reuters David Cameron has warned of the radicalisation of young Muslims. Why are young British Muslims going off to fight for a  cause that involves burning people alive or chopping their heads off? Now we know, or at least we know what the Prime Minister thinks. In a speech today, he said: “The cause is ideological. It is an Islamist extremist ideology:...

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New cure for diabetes? ‘Goldilocks’ plant in Israel found to improve insulin secretion

Jun 18

(Wikipedia Commons) This aromatic shrub called Chiliadenus iphionoides, also known as ‘Goldilocks’ which is indigenous to Israel, can help improve glucose absorption and insulin secretion, according to experts. Scientists in Israel may have found a new, natural cure for diabetes, and it is fondly named after one of the most well-loved fairy tale...

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US Christian education leaders seek protection for opposing same-sex marriage

Jun 09

Reuters Christine Weick protests against gay marriage in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington on June 8, 2015. Leaders of religious organizations in the United States are calling on congressional leaders to craft legislation to protect schools from government discrimination based on their beliefs about the biblical definition of marriage. More than 70 leaders...

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