Most evangelicals think the coalition’s policies were bad for the poor

Most evangelicals in the UK believe the last government hurt the poor more than the rich. According to a new report¬†by the Evangelical Alliance (EA), nearly four out of five evangelicals think the coalition’s economic policy hurt the poor more than the rich and two-thirds say welfare reform policies had a negative impact on the sick and disabled. Just 15 per cent of evangelicals believe the last government’s economic policy worked well to produce a more prosperous future for all. Evangelical Alliance The ‘Good news for the poor?’ report says the high levels of concern spring from the belief that God is on the side of the poor. Evangelical Christians would support a more generous welfare budget from the new Conservative government, the report argues. Nearly nine in 10 evangelicals believe those who neglect to care for the poor will be judged more harshly, 28 per...Read more

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