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TRUMPET MEDIA with Christian World News  Read Christian World News with TRUMPET MEDIA app Trumpet Media mobile application now distributes Global Christian News. You are encouraged to immediately download Trumpet Media from your appstores to stay informed about world Christian news. In the world of today, good news rarely make it to the media outlets. Even if they do, they are regarded as secondary. Our society continuously bombards us with bad news that may not serve us much benefit. It is essential that people read their bible and also read (or) listen to good news that can positively influence them. Effective immediately, you can read Global Christian News with Trumpet Media app. Real-time events will be published as they are unfolded. Christians ought to be familiar with religious news – especially Christian news. We ought to be informed of believers’ challenges and their...Read more

‘Practising’ gay clergy could be ordained by United Methodists

Heather Hahn/UMNS Members of the United Methodist Church’s Connectional Table discuss approaches to homosexual relationships. United Methodists have signalled a shift in their historic opposition to same-*** relationships after a denomination-wide leadership conference, the United Methodist News Service reports. At its meeting in Maputo, Mozambique, the United Methodist Church’s Connectional Table, a forum for discussion among national leaders of the world-wide body, affirmed a proposal to remove prohibitive language that makes it an offense under church law for clergy to be “self-avowed practising homosexuals” or to officiate at same-*** weddings. It adopted the ‘third way’ in preference to leaving the rules as they were or opting for a fully inclusive approach, as some campaigners have demanded. The approach would leave the question of whether...Read more

Boko Haram attacks prompt Nigeria to postpone February 14 elections

Nigeria has moved to postpone the Feb. 14 elections for six weeks to deal with the Boko Haram threat in the northeast. The Nigerian government moved to postpone its presidential and legislative elections on account of the Boko Haram threat in the northeastern region of the country. The elections, originally scheduled for Saturday, February 14, will be postponed for six weeks to allow the newly formed multi-national force to secure the areas around Maiduguri in Borno State, the Associated Press reported.  Maiduguri, the capital of northeastern Borno state, has reportedly been surrounded by the militants for weeks now. The insurgents have launched three attacks in an attempt to take the city, although a local priest told ACN that he believes the group is launching the attacks to stockpile weapons in preparation for a massive attack on the city. An unnamed government official...Read more

Libyan army retakes Benghazi base from Islamist fighters

Reuters Members of Libyan pro-government forces in an army camp in Benghazi. Libyan special forces said on Monday they had retaken the main military base in Benghazi from Islamist fighters that they have been battling since October, part of a wider struggle four years after the ousting of autocrat Muammar Gaddafi. Special forces commander Wanis Bukhamada told Reuters by telephone that his troops had seized the army camp, on a road to the airport outside Libya’s second biggest city, as well as nearby offices belonging to state cellphone operator al-Madar. A video posted on social media websites appeared to show Bukhamada at the camp’s gate. Backed by troops led by general Khalifa Haftar, special forces launched their offensive against Islamists in the city in mid-October aiming to retake the city seized by Islamists last summer. They have regained control of central parts of...Read more

Armenian Father Refuses to Give Up Down Syndrome Son, Wife Divorces Him Over It

A father in Armenia says that he is refusing to give up his down syndrome son even though his wife has divorced him over his decision to keep the baby. Samuel Forrest told reporters this week that in Armenian culture, children with down syndrome are viewed as bringing shame upon a family. So when his wife, Ruzan Badalyn, gave birth last month to a baby boy with the condition, she would have nothing to do with him. According to Forrest, Badalyn wouldn’t touch or even look at the baby, who has been named Leo. “What happens when a baby like this is born here, they will tell you that you don’t have to keep them,” he told ABC News. “My wife had already decided, so all of this was done behind my back.” Forrest said that he did not know that his child had down syndrome until after he was born, and even then, for a time he was not permitted to see his...Read more

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