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We are interdenominational Christian ministry with a mission to lead people throughout the world into growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Read Christian world news and daily bible devotion with Trumpet Media app. International Christian news are reported as they happen in real-time. Also, the daily bible devotion of Dr. James Taiwo which are distributed offers sound bible doctrine and principles that are applicable to all people. Trumpet Media app is useful for all Christians and non-Christians who really want to know what Christianity is about.

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World Outreach Evangelical Ministry

We are interdenominational Christian ministry that impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our aspiration is to see people of various ethnics, cultures, and backgrounds coming into the true love of Jesus Christ.

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December 2015 Editorial

Bible patriarchs had one virtue in common: Faith! They exercised their faith to prevail over adversity with three major principles.

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Welcome to the World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, a home for people of diverse races and cultures. Our church values its members, and our ministry activities come with a simple language. Do you wish to have an improved relationship with God? You are at the right place! … Read More


About WOEM

God commissioned World Outreach Evangelical Ministry to impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ; our goal is to meet this mandate. We preach and teach gospel to help people develop mutual relationship with God.

Trumpet Media app

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Trumpet Media mobile application distributes gospel messages with various fronts. The app distributes the Daily Bible Devotion of Dr. James Taiwo. Also included in Trumpet Media app are Christian World News reported as events happen in realtime. With social networks and media recorders inclusive in the app, you cannot be less served with fire brand gospel. Download Trumpet Media app from appstore now OR Learn more about Trumpet Media.

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The tribe of Benjamin rebelled against the remaining eleven tribes of Israel, and they insinuated civil war. The eleven tribes who remained united asked God for strategy to use against their rebel brothers, and he gave them some specific instructions. Meanwhile, the united Israelites loss the battle because they failed to closely follow their God-given strategy; however, they were not discouraged, and they did not stop asking God for directions. At their third attempt, after duly following God’s order, the united Israelites conquered Benjamin’s tribe. They ouster their leaders, and they brought the whole tribe to his knees. The scripture reported how Israelites eventually conquered the revolting Benjamin Tribe. It is reported, “But when the cloud began to rise from the city in a column of smoke, the Benjamites looked behind them, and there was the whole city going up in smoke to heaven....

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Posted: February 11, 2016, 6:00 am

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The wisdom citations of Dr. James Taiwo titled Wisdom Supplements are published twice daily. The Wisdom Supplements (WS) come in form of instructions, guidance, rebuke, corrections, advice, and prayers. More than 2000 WS have been published, we encourage you to read some WS online, and also subscribe.

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Receive our Daily Bible Life for an insight for living full and fulfilled life on earth. Each daily lesson by Dr. James Taiwo give deep insight into God’s word with life principle and applications. Each devotion also comes with specific prayer applicable to the topic. Read today’s lesson and/or learn more.

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Our church is a faith-based church and we are ready to welcome you to be part of our family. Worship with us and enjoy God’s remarkable blessings. 207 Beach 28th Street, Far Rockaway, New York 11691 1-888-402-WOEM (9636) Sunday – 10:00AM / Friday – 7:30PM

WOEM-LogoWe are interdenominational Christian ministry with a mission to lead people throughout the world into growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
WOEM-LogoOur Mission Is – To Lead People To God

WOEM-LogoOur Visions are to 

  • Have passion for perishing souls
  • Effectively evangelize gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world
  • Establish places of worship
  • Help people develop growing relationship with God
  • Equip people for ministries
  • Intercede for people and ministries
  • Praise and worship God in variety of ways
Trumpet Media Editorial


If Christians serve the same God who reigned during bible time, will he be willing to help them today as he did for bible patriarchs? Absolutely yes! The same God of Daniel, Shadrak, David, and Esther is still alive, and he is very much able… Read More


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Video broadcasting network of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry. Sharing video on social media and Trumpet Media app. Watch videos and learn more. You may also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay connected.


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AUDIO channel of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry. Freely sharing audio sermons. Listen/Learn more and be blessed. 

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