outreach of James TaiwoWe are interdenominational Christian ministry that impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We engage in global outreach and establish places of worship for spiritual growth.  We conduct domestic and  international crusades to lead people worldwide into growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We freely offer mobile applications, audio and video podcasts, newsletters, and hard print Christian literatures.  Our aspiration is to see people of various ethnics, cultures, and backgrounds coming into the true love of Jesus Christ.


Singing God’s praises is what we do at WOEM.  Our worship theme led by Rev Funmi Taiwo are anointed to cultivate various praise techniques to bring down the glory of God.  Rev. Funmi Taiwo demonstrated her remarkable musical talents in her latest released album titled “Wherever You Go.”  Learn more about Pastor Funmi Taiwo’s lastest  album at www.funmitaiwo.com

Wherever You Go

1 The Great I Am
2 God Is Good
3 Wherever You Go
4 Oruko Jesu
5 Holy Spirit
6 Our Father (Baba Wa)
7 We Shall Overcome
8 Blessed Assurance – Jazz


WOEM primary assignment is to preach irresistible gospel in the most accessible manner, and as quickly as possible. We are everywhere with gospel. Our broadcasting network distribute articles, video and audio sermons on Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and others.  Learn more here


Trumpet Media mobile application is a big thing at WOEM.  We utilize the app with realtime mechanism to broadcast gospel throughout the world.  Our Trumpet Media app is currently downloadable in the Middle East. The app is downloadable in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and other continents of the world.  In fact, Trumpet Mobile application networks continue to serve free Daily Bible Passages, commentaries, newsletters, videos and audios throughout the world. God is great!

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 Learn more>> www.trumpetmedia.org

Daily Bible Commentary by Dr. James Taiwo is freely furnished to various broadcasting networks everyday.  The Bible Commentary is complemented with a calendar to guide subscribers. The rare Daily Bible Commentaries feature both Old and New Testaments.  Each commentary is complemented with applicable lessons and prayers.  With free subscriptions, anyone can benefit from Dr. Taiwo’s remarkable teaching skills and undaunted bible application wisdom. Click here to learn more and subscribe to free Daily Bible Commentaries.


Dr. James Taiwo offers wisdom citations every day.  His wisdom excerpts are titled Wisdom Supplements (WS), and they come in form of instructions, guidance, rebuke, corrections, and advice.  Some Wisdom Supplements also come in form of prayers.  Over 1000 Wisdom Supplements have been published, and at least two more WS are added everyday.  Learn more about Wisdom Supplements and subscribe.


Our blog page features realtime ministry updates. It also serves as Trumpet Media home page featuring realtime updates that exist in the Trumpet Media mobile application. In addition, the blog page also furnishes resource categories, subscription access, and ability to post personal comments.



We conduct survey and manage opinion polls. Our intention is to collect data and analyze them to draw concrete conclusion on some important topics that appear to be controversial in the society. We parallel people’s opinions with the word of God, and we also offer biblical advice to adequately educate people. Surveys already concluded include Facts of End Time and Authenticity of the Bible. We plan to conduct more survey in future.

WOEM research exploits are mostly complemented with opinion surveys. We cannot overemphasize the need to research and establish truths that can be used to educate people. Some researches are intensified and costly; we are taking the pace as God gives us grace. Learn more about WOEM survey here. You may suggest topics for next research and you may also donate to support the efforts.


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