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James&FunmiTaiwoWe are interdenominational Christian ministry that impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We engage in global outreach and establish places of worship for spiritual growth.  We conduct domestic and  international crusades to lead people worldwide into growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We freely offer mobile applications, audio, video, newsletters, and hard print Christian literature.  Our aspiration is to see people of various ethnics, cultures, and backgrounds coming into the true love of Jesus Christ.


James_Taiwo3Welcome to the World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, a home for people of diverse races and cultures. We home “unchurched” people weekly in Far rockaway community, New York City. Our church values its members. Our message is simple; we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ without reservation.

If I may ask, do you have some unanswered questions about God? Do you sometimes hope your relationship with God improves? Do you know that God stockpiled blessings that not many people have discovered? Well, here is the good news; our church is established to help find answer to these and many more questions. We help people know their worth and recognize their God given purpose in life. I therefore encourage you to stay connected with us online and also venture to attend our Sunday worship services.

I hereby announce the launching of "Trumpet Media" mobile application - which is available for free download at all mobile markets. Trumpet Media mobile application focus on encouraging unbelievers to come closer and taste the salvation of Jesus Christ. Trumpet Media also specially encourage Christians of all status  to maintain stable and growing relationship with God. Download Trumpet Media to iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry.

As a pastor of the World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, I commit myself to seeking God’s face for your blessings. I look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday that we may both enjoy God’s blessings together. Also, your efforts to stay connected with us online will lead to tremendous blessings.

For more information about our ministries, please click here to write us or call us at 1-888-402-WOEM

May God bless you always!


Dr. James Taiwo.

You may watch "Trumpet media - Mobile App Demo Video (HD)" below.


Trumpet Media mobile application by World Outreach Evangelical Ministry distributes free Daily Bible Commentary and Devotions throughout the world. This mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry. This can be obtained from Apple-store, Google Playstore, Amazon Appstore, and Blackberry. We implore you to download free Trumpet Media to your mobile devices, and also share the good news with friends and family. You may learn more about Trumpet Media mobile app at

Trumpet Media home page

Power of God
God’s power is essential to living a successful life. A person may wish whatever comes to mind, but what actually makes a difference is “God’s Power.” The Power of God cannot be emulated, it must be obtained! God’s power will only come through His abiding presence. Watch this video and be blessed. GOTO VIDEO PAGE

Trumpet Media - Daily Bible

Daily Bible DevotionFree Daily Bible Devotion and Commentary from World Outreach Evangelical Ministry by Dr. James Taiwo is a pursuit of dream to effectively preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth! We are on mission to share gospel to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, and in most accessible manner. WOEM Daily Bible is freely shared via Trumpet Media (mobile app), email, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other media.


Wisdom Supplement

Wisdom SupplementsThe wisdom citations of Dr. James Taiwo titled Wisdom Supplements are published twice daily. The Wisdom Supplements (WS) come in form of instructions, guidance, rebuke, corrections, advice, and prayers. More than 2000 WS have been published, we encourage you to read some WS online, and also subscribe.


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The Master Key - Part 2

Trumpet Newsletter

The Master Key - Part 1

Trumpet Newsletter

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You may also make your check payable to:
World Outreach Evangelical Ministry
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The main objective of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry (WOEM) is to preach gospel of Jesus Christ and also meet people's welfare needs. We solicit your financial support to help meet these goals.

Since WOEM commission, efforts are being made daily to meet God's mandate of  sharing gospel. We engage in online outreach activities which include email and online publications. We maintain daily outreach contact via email, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. WOEM continue to daily broadcast Daily Bible Devotion, feature gospel videos and audios via Youtube and Trumpet Media websites. More importantly, WOEM beam gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe with use of Trumpet Media mobile application.

WOEM outreach efforts also include hard print publications of gospel literature - which include tracts/brochures and magazines. Efforts are also being made in local communities to meet charity obligations. Services are offered at nursing homes; public parks, and transport hubs.

It is important to emphasize that WOEM has not charged anyone for our resources, and our interest in preaching free gospel is growing each day. However, we solicit your financial supports to help us expand our outreaches. Please make your online donations via Paypal button provided. Your donations are tax deductible. You may also write us a check. God bless you.

WOEM - 2015 Watchword

I will walk the walk, trust in God, and live by faith – For the just shall live by faith

(Hebrew 10:38)


We are interdenominational Christian ministry with a mission to lead people throughout the world into growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our Mission Is - To Lead People To God
Our Visions Are To  <>  Have passion for perishing souls  <>  Effectively evangelize gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world  <>  Establish places of worship  <>  Help people develop growing relationship with God  <>  Equip people for ministries  <>  Intercede for people and ministries  <>  Praise and worship God in varieties of ways
Write us to >> World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, 207 Beach 28th Street, Far Rockaway, NY 11691.

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